Print files can be derived from Surface Scans and DICOM-RT files.

PEAS will integrate Bespoke devices for fixation and alignment as required by the User.

The User will remain in control of the device and its design in order to ensure compliance with the clinical need.

Examples here are:      Simple shell from a surface scan.

An Alignment shell for an Electron Treatment.

An Integrated Mouthbite Alignment Technique.

3D Printed Bolus    for Intricate Requirements

Printed in a flexible elastomeric material, it can withstand bending, stretching and compression for multiple cycles without tearing. Prints can be undertaken directly from an .stl file supplied by the Customer or we can derive the file from the DICOM_RT file.

The water equivalence with energy has been measured for photon and electron beams.

Surface derived bolus filled with Agar.

Water equivalent thickness of 9.95mm at 6 and 10MV
               1cm thick was 10.5mm water  at 9 and 15MeV
               2cm thick was 19.2mm water at 9 and 15MeV

Bespoke attachment to electron applicator for bolus verification.

High Doserate Brachytherapy Transfer Tube storage holders.

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) holders.

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) Irradiation Trays.

Electron treatment shells with wax bolus former.